LifePractice PBL Sample


These “recipe cards” for Project/Problem Based Learning are intended for K12 use in groups, as well as with individual students. The LifePractice PBL cards feature an intriguing problem where students are able to then integrate core content, such as Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing into their solutions. Every problem includes deeply embedded creativity, problem-solving, and collaborative learning. 

The fully-customizable LifePractice PBL recipe cards are packaged in Sets of 7 PBL units each. Every Set includes unit cards that give the beginning or advanced PBL teacher a variety of topics to capture and engage kids’ minds and hearts. Each Set includes projects where students are 1) TimeTravelers, 2) Artists & Inventors, 3) Historian Challenges, 4) StoryTellers, 5) ProblemSolvers, 6) Scientist Challenges, or working in an 7) Entrepreneurial construct. 

To do the math, each set has the potential for 105+ very individual units! At $9.95, this is a steal!

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