3rd Grade Folder Fun

These folder fun activities were designed to be implemented flexibly in your classroom. Each folder is aligned to the 3rd Grade Common Core Math Standards.  The activities were designed to  be used as partner or independent work giving students the opportunity to deepen their conceptual understanding as well as enriching students who need additional challenge. They could also be used by fourth grade students to review third grade standards.

Please read the teacher directions thoroughly before starting. You may decide that the directions may not fit the needs of your students, and in those cases please adapt to the needs of your learners. Each folder includes a task sheet, materials list, accountability idea for students, and answer key (where applicable).  

With the transition to the Common Core Math Standards we are required to make a dramatic departure from the traditional approaches to teaching and learning math that we see in many schools. The goal of instruction has shifted from learning facts to explaining and applying mathematical thinking. Folder Fun will help you make this transition.  

Each Folder is 12 x 18, booklet layout, heavy cardstock.

Concepts included by folder:

Birthday Bash

Frog Hop: Measurement Length (standard or metric)

Roll of Fortune: Place Value, Comparison, Addition & Subtraction          

Party Time: Elapsed Time
Pizza Time: Fraction Area
Roller Rink: Data, Graphing, Interpreting Data
Souvenir Shop: Problem Solving Table of Contents

Play Day at the Park

Safety First: Area & Perimeter
Fractions in the Park: Fractions Sets
Treat Time: Interpreting Data
“Eggciting” Hide and Seek: Money
Scavenger Hunt Metric Measurement: Mass
Multiplication Mania: Multiplication & Addition Table of Contents

School Carnival

Dunk Tank: Rounding & Elapsed Time
Bicycle Obstacle Course: Computation Game
Entry Fee: Multiplication & Addition
Donation: Addition
Balloon Animals Multistep Problem:  Multiplication & Subtraction
Bake Sale Multistep Problem:  Multiplication & Addition
Fishing Booth Fractions:  Multiple Representations (Area, Set, Number line, & Fractional Notation)

Travel Time

Trip Timer: Elapsed Time
Sign Shapes: Geometric Shapes
Mystery Mileage: Standard Measurement, Length, Perimeter
Elevation Equations Addition and Subtraction: 3 and 4 digits
Fraction of the Trip: Unit Fractions on a Number Line
Rock of Ages: Reading a Chart & Computation
Riding the Rapids: Fraction Comparison