Free 4-Day PBL Kickstart Challenge

Or maybe you do know where to start, but just need a little help?

I absolutely understand! As someone who was given the luxury of two whole days of training before I was tossed in to start my multi-age PBL school, I totally understand the realities and pressures of the everyday classroom teacher.

If you love the idea of PBL but are nervous about digging in, 
this free 4-day challenge is for you!

All it takes is 1 hour each day!

September 5-8, 
7pm Eastern, 6pm Central each day!


Change your classroom practice forever!

In this 4-Day PBL Challenge, you'll learn how to launch students into your PBL unit so that each child is hooked, knows what they're doing, and is ready to learn! And this is just Day 1 (September 5)!

On Day 2 (September 6), we'll learn about how some of our favorite grouping strategies is KILLING our classroom culture. We're inadvertently creating bullies, bossy-pants kids, and lazy logs. AND we'll learn a few no-fail strategies that helps to take the pain out of group work!

Day 3 (September 7) brings us fool-proof ways to find amazing PBL topics and resources that will lay out a buffet of learning choices for your class...without breaking your brain!

We wrap up our 4-Day PBL Challenge on Day 4 (September 8) with ways to assess learning all along the PBL route. We can't get to the end just to find out we accidentally took a wrong path. We CAN we keep the various PBL trails pointing to where all kids get to their final destination!

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