Lessons for LifePractice Learning


Life doesn’t come at us one subject at a time and divided into 42 minute increments. If we’re truly preparing kids for the real world, it’s time we start practicing real life, right now. 

Despite the growing abundance of terrific Project Based Learning (PBL) resources available online and in bookstores, many educators are not embracing the movement. Why not? Is it because those teachers are terrible and stuck in their old ways? The author, Ginger Lewman, doesn’t think so. She believes it’s because they struggle to see themselves, their content, and their students in a wider global PBL environment. The leap, from the  current traditional-approach, teacher-centered, test-focused classroom to these beautiful examples of PBL where kids are literally taking on the challenges of the world is just too far for many teachers to make by themselves. 

Ginger believes that all teachers want to do the right thing. They’re just not sure how to get there. Ginger knows the road to excellence. Over the past decade, she  built a successful LifePractice PBL school and now works with K12 educators, meeting them where they are, helping them bridge into PBL using the steps outlined here. 

So if you know a teacher who is ready to embrace Project, Problem, or Passion-Based Learning on behalf of kids, pass this book along. 

They will thank you.