Midnight Run - My Narrow Escape to a Better Future


Everyone experiences adversity in life. We all get knocked down, set back, and beaten up at some point. It's what we do in those difficult moments that defines who we are. Kevin Honeycutt experienced hardship at a much younger age than most, but those difficult times helped shape his belief that the best way out of darkness is to make your own light. Midnight Run is the story of Kevin's journey out of the darkness.

144 pages

Midnight Run by Kevin Honeycutt shares a journey that is a testament to resilience.  To be able to read along and take that journey with Kevin as he recounts a childhood spent in poverty and disfunction is a gift.  He is able to share painful life-shaping experiences with humor and insight.  Despite considerable barriers, Kevin is now a healthy well-rounded successful adult.  Midnight Run shares the wisdom he gained through his tough journey.  The book represents a great read for educators who need to get a perspective on poverty.  For young people struggling to create their own future, the book is like a letter from a friend, helping to show them the way.
Christopher Laudo
School Counselor