Practicing PBL: a self directed PBL course, Grades 4-12

This course is designed specifically to learn how to build and manage a PBL classroom from start to finish. How do I create an unforgettable learning experience with my students? An experience they will not shut up about at home? An experience that later in life, they’ll recognize as a pivotal point for them at school? An experience where they will look back, remember you, remember themselves, and smile! If you want this, you’re in the right place!

By the end of this Practicing PBL course, you will have not only created a phenomenal PBL unit that will make your students beg for more, but also be able to create any PBL experience for any unit and topic you choose from now on, following our LifePractice PBL process. It doesn't matter what topic you teach as long as you teach kids!

Learner engagement, content relevancy, and deep learning will never be an issue again!

Who should sign up? Educators who want to learn about PBL fast. or who feel they need less support. or who are self-starters and self-disciplined finishers. or who want to go slower, practicing and applying each portion as they learn. Want to go fast, slow, and/or deep? This is the class for you!

What will you gain? Learn the continuum of shifting yourself and your students to PBL. Understand daily realities of this type of learning environment, including assessing learning, student engagement, group work dynamics, real-world involvement, and more! Move deeply into the portions where you know you need more help -- and do so at your own pace. Skim those parts where you need less help. This course is self-directed and self-paced for you to make the learning what you need, for your learners!


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