Premium Evidence Overlay Window Frame


We often ask students to analyze evidence and to think historically. But these are skills that often need scaffolding. So we’ve created the Evidence Analysis Window Frame to help scaffold these skills. The basic Window Frame has historical thinking questions printed along the edges of heavy duty plastic sheets that your students place on top of photos, documents, maps, political cartoons, and other pieces of evidence. Kids then use dry erase or overhead pens to connect historical thinking questions with evidence found in the document.

This Premium version of the Window Frame is two-sided and is first printed on heavy cardstock and then covered in long lasting laminate that actually erases better and lasts longer than the heavy duty plastic on the one sided version. The additional questions on Side B focus on higher order thinking and making sense of visual evidence.

Shipping Options: 
USPS Media Mail eligible
Shipping dimensions: 
17 × 11 × 2.5 in
Shipping Weight: 
3 lb