Your Digital Image: Digital Citizenship Toolkit 3rd - 6th


ESSDACK and GoEnnounce have partnered to create the digital citizenship curriculum “My Digital Citizenship Toolkit.” This curriculum supports students in third through sixth grade to understand the importance of building a positive online digital presence, focusing on what TO DO online instead of what NOT to do.

These 12 classroom lessons are structured to inspire deeper conversation with your students about their online activities, while providing students with a concrete representation of the set of tools they will need in order to build their digital footprint. The lessons all follow the ACTS format. During the ACTIVATE phase students will engage in a brief discussion or activity to set the stage, followed by the CONNECT phase which helps students make the connection between the concrete tool and the abstract skill. During the TRY and SUPPORT phases students will apply their new understanding in an online setting using the GoEnnounce platform and engage in an activity that will share their learning with others begin to build their digital toolkit.